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What's On 4/21

8th of March

On the occasion of the International Women's Day, Mrs Inci Botsali, chairperson from DMEDD (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spouses Solidarity Association) sent SHOM Ankara the following message.

Our president, Kees van Lent, thanked her in the name of us all.

Meanwhile the African Mission Chiefs' Association celebrated together the 8th of March at Vela Balik Restaurant.

Overview COVID Normalization Measures

Here is an overview of the measures linked with the provinces risk factor. For your information, Ankara was "yellow" at the beginning of March but the latest figure shows this week we are now "orange". We will know on Monday 15.3 what it means for us.

SHOM Events

On Wednesday 17.3 at 14h, Pr. Dr. Serhat Ünal (one the person who led the study at Hacettepe University) will give us the latest info on Covid-19 and CoronaVac in Turkey. Don't miss this unique occasion.

The event will be held in English.

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