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September Coffee Morning

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

29 /09/22 at the Italian Residence

On a beautiful day of September, SHOM met for the first Coffee morning of the new academic year 2022/23 at the residence of Loriana Fabian Marrapodi, Spouse of the Ambassador of Italy.

H.E. Giorgio Marrapodi welcomed us with a very stimulating speech, stressing how important SHOM is to develop strong friendships among countries, and also to interact with civil society in the host country.

Mediha Osmanoglu de Martinez, as President of the new Board, bid farewell to the past Board and introduced the new team.

The new Board is composed of:

Mediha Osmanoglu De Martinez, President

Louma Kabalan, Vice-President

Anita Robert, co-Secretary general

Gabriella Cuellar, co-Secretary general

Sarah Mutiwazuka, Adviser

Celestina Diaz, Adviser

Hala Alam, Treasurer

Sharmila Singh Wimmer, coordinator Europe

Yasmina Mimouni, coordinator Africa

Melissa Matteo, coordinator Americas

Medody Gangbold, coordinator Asia Pacific

We were pleased to welcome 5 new spouses on this occasion, and wish them a wonderful stay in Ankara.

We bid farewell to Nuzhat Amin Mannan, from Bangladesh, who thanked SHOM for the good memories and said that Ankara would not have been the same if she hadn't been a member of SHOM.

We also said goodbye to Alice Manneh, from Guinee Bissau, who sadly has to leave because of personal reasons.

The leaders of the activity groups presented their programs.

The Charity group will edit a new recipe book this year. There will also be a fund raising event in the winter.

The Green group will meet on 20 October and again on 25 October at the residence of the Ambassador of Sweden.

The Book club will meet on 13 October at the house of UNFPA representative.

The Walking club will start its walks mid-octobre.

The Movie club will participate in Ankara International Film Festival 3-7 November.

The Cooking club will organize classes at SHOM members' residence.

If you are interested in joining these activity groups, please get in contact with their leader. Your regional coordinator can put you in contact. Most of the information and details are sent via WhatsApp groups.

The artist Zeynep Munzur had a display of her work specially set on this occasion.

We enjoyed discovering the exhibition and making new friends around an "apperitive Italiano" served with the best Spritz cocktail in town !

Thank you dear Loriana for welcoming us so warmly to your beautiful residence.

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