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SEP/20 Coffee Morning, ONSITE - ONLINE - The Netherlands

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Our first Coffee Morning of the new SHOM year took place simultaneously in the gardens of the Residence of the Dutch Ambassador and online.

The new Board decided on this formula as a response to the members demand to continue our gatherings while ensuring participants physical distancing.

The Covid-19 virus is not beaten yet and the limitations generated by it forces SHOM Ankara to be careful, flexible and creative in what it will propose this year.


Kees van Lent, SHOM President, launched this premiere event with some uplifting words. He wishes that thanks to the support and inputs of all members, the SHOM Ankara community will be able to share interesting and enriching onsite and online moments despite the Covid-19 pandemic.


This year Board members list can be found on the SHOM Ankara website - Home.

Don't be surprised if your country is listed in a different geographical group than the one you normally belong to (SHOM Directory - Regional Group). SHOM Ankara took over the regional groupings as used within the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Your membership fee (200 TL) can be paid to the Treasurers (directly or by courier in an envelop with your name and contribution) or to your regional coordinator.


Here are the friends who left /will leave Turkey. Rashna was present onsite during the Coffee Morning. Her departure from Ankara having been delayed, she could bid farewell personally to the SHOM Community.

Welcome to the new Spouses of Heads of Mission.

We were very happy to be able to meet or see online some of you during the Coffee Morning.

It was also a premiere for Teuta from Albania, although she arrived in Ankara several months ago.

We hope you will all feel quickly integrated. Don't hesitate to contact other SHOM members if you have any questions.


Thank you for having taken the survey. Here are the results:

Selina Sager, Hungary, is in charge of the ad hoc programs/events. If you have any ideas, do not hesitate to send them to her or SHOM Ankara.

The Group Activities offered by SHOM can be found here. You will have a description of each group, the person "in charge" and when they usually meet. If you are interested to join in, please contact the group coordinator.

You will receive invitations/infos about group events in the "What's On". These infos are directly accessible on our website.


The Chairperson, Inci Botsali, and General Secretary, Fazilet Suna Ersoy, of DMEDD (Dışişleri Mensupları Eşleri Dayanışma Derneği’nin), the Foreign Affairs Spouses Solidarity Association of Turkey joined us during the Coffee Morning to present us their work and underline the close relationships they have with the Embassies in Ankara and our group.

DMEDD contributes to efforts and activities nationwide in the fields of education, culture, health and promotion of Turkey. In addition to the scholarships it has granted, DMEDD has built, renovated and refurbished many schools, dormitories, nurseries, hospitals and clinics, and also supplied educational materials and books to the disadvantaged students and schools across Turkey. DMEDD has so far granted more than 2800 scholarships, completed 37 projects in the fields of education, health and environment, and provided financial and in-kind aid to more than 200 people in need.

Due the Covid-19 pandemic, this year DMEDD Charity Bazaar, to which a lot of Foreign Missions in Ankara usually contribute, has been cancelled. Even though the cancellation of this event means losing its primary source of revenue, DMEDD is determined to continue its scholarship program since many students rely on its educational support. DMEDD has also decided to extend the scope of its financial support to the children whose parents lost their lives in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Naturally, the success of this project will depend on the creation of new resources.

SHOM Ankara Board already expressed its interest to support DMEDD but it will be purely symbolic.

Follow this link to have additional infos.

6. Q & A

  • Language barrier (insufficient english) makes it difficult for some members to participate to the events (From Nawal - Morocco)

The communication language within SHOM Ankara is English, even though for the majority of SHOM members, it is not their mother tongue.

For written information, please consider the possibility to use Google Translator.

For onsite events, we can only rely on the goodwill of somebody to ensure the translation.

For online events it is impossible for us to offer a simultaneous translation.

If the demand is important, SHOM Ankara could offer group activities in another language.

The Coffee morning online was over after 35 minutes. The participants onsite stayed a bit longer and enjoyed the company.

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