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October Coffee Morning, Zimbabwe

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

October being the month of breast cancer awareness, our hostess Sarah invited us to wear something pink and come discuss with her friend and consultant for Vitality Wellness Edith Tapfuma.

First, some SHOM news

  1. Welcome

SHOM President, Mediha, thanked the former President Sarah for the good work of last year Board.

2. Members news

We welcomed Mrs Thanh Huong, from Vietnam.

3. Program and Group Activities

The Cooking group will meet on 31st October to learn about Albanian cuisine.

The Walking group meets every Friday morning.

The Green group had it's first yoga class and enjoyed it very much.

4. Treasury update

Hala thanked the members for paying their fees and explained that the money raised will contribute to SHOM Charity projects.

Lecture about breast cancer awareness

Sarah introduced to us her dear friend and guest speaker Edith Tapfuma: Edith stared by explaining that she is not a doctor but a consultant who brings moral support to women affected by breast cancer.

After a brief introduction, she started a dialogue with us, asking how many of us had a mammography, how often?

She immediately put us at ease, and when she moved to more personal and sensitive questions, many of us found the courage to speak out and share their experience.

Edith insisted on the social and psychological effects of having cancer, and how as a parent or friend we can help and support. Some shared the experience of friends having to divorce, being isolated, while others recalled positive experience for the couple.

It was a wonderful moment, sharing our experience and learning from each other.

Thank you Edith for your sensitivity in speaking and listening to us, thank you Sarah for the initiative and your warmth hospitality, thank you SHOM for making this kind of event possible.

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