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Nov 9th, Coffee Morning - Germany

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Despite Covid-19 unfortunately is still a threat in Turkey and everywhere else in the world, routines and events slowly return and so we could meet again to our beloved monthly Coffee Morning gathering. On a beautiful sunny November day Sheila welcomed the SHOM Members at the German resicende and surprised us with a rich buffet and an interesting after-program by the famous artist Joseph Beuys.


SHOM President Sarah welcomes the members and thanks Sheila for hosting this event. We are all happy to gather again and to have the opportunity to see our friends regularly on such occasions.


End of November Ardita Statovci (Kosovo) will leave Turkey to start their new posting in Washington DC. We could bid her farewell and will have the chance, so see her performe live on the CSO Ankara, where she perfomes three piano pieces together with her piano partner and the presidential symphony orchestra.

As new SHOM members we could welcome Marie Girod-Ruch from Switzerland and Marta Henriques Pereira from Australia. Welcome!

Furthermore we were very pleased to see some new faces and hope to welcome soon as our new members.

3. Programs and Group Activities

Due to the castling within the Board the place for Program Manager is currently empty. Interested persons should get in contact with Selina. It is also possible to form a group who is responsible for the programs and events not only one person.

The current activities of the Groups can be checked on the SHOM website as on the specific WhatsApp groups as well.

Karin (Sweden), Sharmila (Austria) and Joao (Luxembourg) launch their new "Green Group", a group to sharpen the awareness of the nature and to learn how we can be (more) responsible in our every day life. The first meeting of the group will be on 18.11. and members can register on the spot.

Gulbanu will soon stop their Embrodery Group, a replacement for keeping up the work has not been found. Thank you very much dear Gulbanu for your doing and for leading the Embrodery Group for such a long time!

Selina calls once again for restarting the cooking group, which was big fun before and during the Corona time (lockdowns). Intrested persons please make a move!

4. Update from the Charity Group

As communicated on the last CM SHOM now has a new Charity Group. If you are interersted in joining and helping the Group, please get in contact with Anita or with Celestina.

The first project from the Charity Group will be to collect (winter) clothes donations for the people in the Antalya region who were affected by the big fired this summer. Please send/bring your clothes donation to Celestina (residence of Paraguay) until 21.11. Our Charity team will organize then the transport and delivery to the people in need. Thank you very much for your contribution!

5. Treasury update

The current financial report is presented. As explained in the newsletter we lost some members (and their membership contribution) due to the pandemic, as we couldn't meet regularly.

As a clarification: the SHOM donations was originally planned for an educational support for children of frontline health care workes. During the summer holiday this project has already been dealt with and closed by DMEDD, therefore SHOM agreed on another project to support medical students as the Gazi University.

6. Website and App workshop

Selina gives a short introduction into the SHOM website, how to log in and which content can be found where. The website gives a big surplus as you can find all information on one place - but makes only sense to maintain and keep updated if the members are really using the website and its functions.

There is a WIX-App for the website which allows to access most of the content on your phone and makes the handling even easier.

Give it a try and log in, use the website and the App and give us a feedback - Thank you!

7. Next Coffee Morning

The next CM will be beginning of December and will be hosted by Mediha. Info will follow.

The official part of the Coffee Morning ends and the members and guests hear a short introduction of Joseph Beusy and his artworks., before we all head off to the beautiful park of the German embassy where some installations and artworks can be found.

The mood and the conversations of the members and guests were great and they all highly enjoyed the gathering in the sunny park. Thank you very much dear Sheila giving us this unique opportunity and for hosting us!

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