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Newsletter 2 / 21

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Dear SHOM members, It's this time of the year, when we are all extremely busy, running from one place to the other, preparing ourselves, our families and residences for the festive season - and completely forget to stand still for a moment, take a deep breath, rest and simply enjoy the moment. We do hope you get this chance - maybe even on one of our upcoming events and gatherings! In the name of the SHOM Board, I wish you all a joyful and healthy festive season, stay safe and don't forget to take care of yourselves. In case you have any feedback or comments, please send us an e-mail:

SHOM Coffee Morning

Mediha (Mexico) invites for the last Coffee Morning this year

Wednesday, 8 December 10h Mexican Residence, Nurol Residence

To read about our last Coffee Morning, hosted by Sheila (Germany), click here.

Updates from the Charity Group

Financial support of 5 medical students at Gazi University SHOM supports 5 medical students at the beginning of their medical career. Check here for more information.

Clothes donations for the families in the Antalya region SHOM collected winter clothes for the people in Gündogmus, transported and brought the items directly to the families. Read soon an article on our website from Anita, Celestina and Husna, who where there to bring the items directly to the people.

Wanted: Program Manager

We are still looking for people who help us organize events and programs for SHOM. If you are interested please contact us and come to the first meeting for an initial brainstorming. Friday, 10 December 10h30 Hungarian Residence, Mahatma Gandhi Cad. 12, GOP

Updates from our Group Activities

  • SHOM Walking Group Due to construction sites and changing traffic lines the walking group meets now weekly for a walk in Park Vadi. Come and join us every Wednesday! Click here for the latest news.

  • SHOM Book Club After finishing the captivating novel "Patasana", we read and discussed Isabel Allende's "Japanese Lover". For a better planning we have set the books for the next months. Pictures and the book list you find here.

  • SHOM Movie Club November was a busy month for the Movie Club! We saw the Turkish film "Anatolian Leopard" and met with the director from Ankara. Then we saw the South Korean movie "Espape from Mogadishu" and finally we watched and discussed "The other half", a movie from Sri Lanka. Pictures and impressions you find here.

  • The Green Group The Group was successfully launched at the last Coffee Morning and had their first meeting, where Karin (Sweden) talked about the Bokashi method. A newsletter with pictures has been send out via WhatsApp.

Recent activities and programs

On 3 December Kees and "Music Life Around us" organized an exclusive musical program for us. We had the chance to attend the main rehearsal of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra led by conductor Theodore Kuchar and the amazing pianist Emre Elivar.

After a fantastic concert we ate lunch together with the conductor, his wife and the pianist. It was a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes and to chat with the artists.

There was a limited number of attendees, unfortunately many people cancelled on short notice, which made the small group even more exclusive.

We do hope to get such amazing cultural opportunites soon again and do hope that for a next time we can welcome more participants.

Upcoming Events and Programs

  • Holiday season is the time for cookies and sweets... Elizabeth invites us to a Holiday Cookie Exchange event at her residence. December 16, 11h - 13h Bring 6 dozens, take 6 dozens. Don't forget to give your details (name - country - car plate - driver's name) when registering. Info

  • DMEDD invites SHOM members to a lecture "Meeting Point of the Ottoman Palace and Popular Culture: Ottoman Embroideries" by Alper Yurdemi. 9 December 14h

  • Did you miss the AMAC Craft Fair and are looking for another Christmas Fair? Then the Noël Pazari from the French Institute might just be right for you. 11 December 10h - 19h

Thank you for reading!

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