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Newsletter 04/22

Updated: May 2, 2022

Dear SHOM Members,

Spring is in the air. May this be the change in weather and temperature, the itchy, restless feeling of adventurous urge or the in-between-time and craving for summer. Spring is definitely a wonderful season to enjoy the beauty of the moment and to prepare for the coming.

Many of us are using this time for travels. A well deserved escape after the cold winter times and the restrictions of Covid-19. We hope you can enjoy your time outs and travels – and hope that you are back in Ankara for the next SHOM events. Then the SHOM year is slowly, slowly coming to its end phase, we did a lot but some highlights are still awaiting us!

Enjoy this spring time, treat yourself a break and we hopefully see each other soon again!

Best wishes and iyi Bayramlar!

Coffee Mornings & Spring Tea

Our next SHOM meeting will be a special one. Since 2012 each May a so called "Spring Tea" was organized by SHOM, where the executive Board of DMEDD and other guests were invited. Due to COVID-19 this tradition had to pause.

We are very happy that the situation is better and we are able to organize again a SHOM Spring Tea!

WHEN: Thursday, 12 May, 10h30

WHERE: Hala Hraiz Alam,

Residence of the Ambassador of the Domenican Republic

Invitations are sent out, please register unitl latest May 9th.

There will be a dress code, please come in colorful tea party attire.

The previous Coffee Morning was hosted by Maria Magro, spouse of the ambassador of France, on 14 April in the beautiful French residence and included an impressive art exposition of Turkish patchwork.

Click here for the article and fotos of the event.

Update from the Charity Group

The Charity group dedicated the month of April to raising awareness about autism. Now, at the end of the month the Charity Group's autism awareness campaign comes to an end and we look back to a month full of work, interesting events and understanding.

Thank you for everyone who contributed, joined our programs and helped us raise awareness!

But keep in mind: The month might be over but our work will continue! With your help and contribution we will support people affected by autism.

Below are the key events of the campain, check here for the whole article with pictures.

Key events Autism Awareness Campaign:

  • On 2nd April, on the occasion of the International Day of Autism, we invited all members to wear blue.

  • On 14th April at the April Coffee morning, we launched our new fundraising product: the recipe calendar. They are now available on SHOM events (e.g. Spring Tea) for 150.- TL

  • On 20th April, we organized a visit to the Autism foundation in Ankara.

  • On 27th April, we invited SHOM and the parents at the Autism school to join us in a zoom talk with a neuropsychologist from Paraguay, Dr. Montserrat Vazquez.

Update from the SHOM Board

There was a change in the SHOM Board. Our dear treasurer Larisa Rybak left the SHOM Board due to personal reasons. We sincerely thank Larisa for all her great work, her accurate and flawless work and her kind personality! Thank you Larisa, we wish you all the best!

As her successor we are very happy to welcome Hala Hraiz Alam, spouse of the ambassador of the Dominican Republic, in the SHOM Board as new treasurer. Welcome Hala!

Everyone who did not pay her/his membership fee for 2021/22 please get in contact with Hala directly.

Update from the Group Activities

The Green Group organized several successull and very well visited events. Here should be mentioned

  • A trip to Köroglu Mountains, to discover the biodiversity around Ankara on Saturday, 23 April

  • A workshop on Bokashi, organized from Karin in the Swedish embassy on 27/28/29 April for spouses, their cook, gardener and housekeeper.

It is amazing to witness how successfull the Green Group already is. Launched only in October 2021 the Group organizes many meetings with a high participation, covering a diverse spectrum, inspiring many to change their habits and to believe that everyone can make a difference. Thank you for everyone who contributes to its success and fingers crossed for all future ideas and events!

Another good example for a successfull SHOM Group Activity is the revival of the SHOM Cooking Group. Their second session was again held by a well known Turkish chef and got a coverage in the media. Check here for the video and article.

The date for the next class is Wednesday, 25 May from 10.00 - 12.00

The SHOM Book Club has changed its monthly meeting due to the Bayram holidays.

The new meeting date will be a week later on Wednesday, 11 May, 10h30 at Mandana and we discuss Simin Daneshvar's "Savushun, a novel about modern Iran".

Recent events – a daily trip to Eskisehir

On April 2nd SHOM organized together with 'Music Life around us' a trip to Eskisehir by "hizli tren", the Fast Train. After a 1.5h ride we started with a concert by the famous pianist Gökhan Aybulus followed by a lunch hosted by Sema Güral Sürmeli, a well known business woman (well know for porcelain). After the lunch we proceeded to the charming old town of Eskisehir and the museum quarter with among others visits to the glass museum and a workshop and the award winning Modern Art Museum. It was a full and intensive but lovely day. Thank you very much to Kees and to Zeynep&Zeynep from "Music Life around Us" who made this trip happen!

Upcoming Events and Programs

Check out our agenda on the SHOM website with SHOM programs, events by our partner DMEDD and cultural activites. Click here.

If you have any suggestions for interesting programs and events, please let us know and we can include them in our agenda.

Agenda Outlook

  • 12 May SHOM Spring Tea, 10h30

  • 12 May Cooking workshop in cooperation with UN WFP, 14.30 - 18.30

  • 26 May Green Group: Tree planting

Thank you for reading and iyi Bayramlar!

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