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Newsletter 03/22

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Dear SHOM Members,

we live in turbulent and fast changing times, times which often challenge us. The COVID-19 pandemic is still not defeated, there is war in the middle of Europe. We might face personal challenges, our agenda is more than full and we find ourselves trying to keep up to life's pace.

I wish we all have the possibility to sometimes pause and to be able to focus on the positive in our life. That we see the beauty in the supposedly ordinary things, forget everything around us when hearing a child's wholeheartedly laughter, be amazed by an impressive landscape, cherish our family and friends while being hugged or let our mind travel only by the smell and taste of a wonderful homecooked meal. I wish us this change of perspective. Much love and happiness.

Recent events in March

This March has been very busy and a lot of great programs took place. The Green Group has held two very successful events (check their informative newsletter!), our partner from DMEDD was inviting us to a moving film screening on behalf of International Women's Day and to a fantastic musical rehearsal at the CSO. And last but not least we organized a nice Coffee Morning, an interesting visit at the Yunus Emre Institute and a wonderful mini concert with bassoons and a kanun. A big THANK YOU for everyone involved in the organization and for offering the SHOM members such a diverse program!

Update from the Charity Group

Our booklet with "Soups around the World" is ready - and it looks great! It can soon be purchaised at the next SHOM events to support our charity project.

Further info soon directly from the charity group.

Update from our Group Activities

The SHOM Cooking Group had its first class - and already made it to national TV! Thank you Hala for this successful start! The date for the next class is Wednesday, 13 April from 10.00 - 12.00 Please check out the SHOM website and/or get in touch with Hala directly.

Sometimes you just need a fun reading. And good friends to talk about it.

The SHOM Book Club meets again on Thursday, 7 April to discuss Roddy Doyle's hilarious "The Commitments".

As the weather gets warmer and life takes place outdoors again the SHOM Walking Group will be on the move again. Check the Whatsapp chat for the next dates.

Don't miss the next event of the Green Group! The informative GG newsletter keeps you up to date.

Upcoming Events and Programs

The "Calendar" section on the SHOM website has been updated. Check out our agenda with SHOM programs, events by our partner DMEDD and cultural activites. Click here. If you have any suggestions for interesting programs and events, please let us know and we can include them in our agenda.

Agenda Outlook

  • 2nd April Day Trip to the city of Eskisehir together with Music Life Around Us

  • 9 April Exhibition and concert at the Evliyagil Museum, organized by DMEDD

  • 20 April Charity Group: Visit to the Autism Foundation in Ankara

  • 27 April Charity Group: Zoom talk with doctors and exchange of experiences

Save the date: Thursday, 14 April SHOM Coffee Morning Tuesday, 12 May SHOM Spring Tea

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