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June 09, Coffee Morning - Albania

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Our last Coffee Morning of this SHOM year was held in the garden of the Albanian residence, hosted by Teuta Robo, wife of the Albanian ambassador. This event marked a proper end before we leave for the well deserved summer holiday. Thank you all for spending this lovely morning and this whole year with us and making it a successfull year with many highlights.

  1. Welcome

Sarah welcomes the present SHOM members and thanks Teuta for hosting the June Coffee Morning in her garden. Thereafter Teuta adresses the members and guests and reminds us all of the true purpose of the SHOM Coffee Mornings: coming together in peace and harmony, leaving politics behind and having a good time while mingling with old and new friends from all around the world.

Sarah looks back to her year as SHOM president 2021/22, happy that all events could take place and that COVID-19 was not that present than in the previous two years. She thanks her team who made lots possible in the first place.

2. Members News


We have to say goodbye to Lady Jane Chilcott, who leaves us this summer, returning back to the UK after serving 4 years in Turkey. Also we have to bid farewell to Husna Hassen from Sri Lanka, who previously served in the SHOM Board as a Country representative and later on was very active in the Charity Group.

After 10 years all together in Turkey, Sally Manneh (Gambia) will leave the SHOM community due to her husbands promotion, she will remain in Turkey and we can still be in touch with her.

Not physically present but also leaving us this summer are former SHOM president Kees van Lent (the Netherlands) and Ramatoulaye Samake (Guinea). We wish all leaving ladies and gentleman all the very best for their future and hope they will keep good memories of their stay in Turkey.


We are happy to welcome Diana Sapiyeva from Kazakhstan among us. Welcome to SHOM and a great posting in Turkey!

3. Programs and Group Activities

Hala looks back to a very successful first year of the revived Cooking Group. This first year Turkish cuisine was in the focus and the group learnd a lot about specialities from diffrent turkish regions. Next year the group will cook international dishes, so every spouse/embassy has the chance to present its food. For a good success it would be good that especially those spouses with a big kitchen would offer their facilities.

Selina, coordinator of the book club, announces that tomorrow will be the last meeting before the group leaves for summer break. She is very pleased to have such an active and well working group who gathers monthly, not only discussing books but also having a great time together amongst friends.

Representing the Green Group Sharmila sent a written review of the last events and happenings of this year newly created SHOM group. From physially active events like planting trees, the members learned about the Bokashi method, invited several guest speakers and organized guided tours in CerModern. A new focus will now be the Zero Waist topic and sustainable fashion. We are looking forward to a new year with the Green Group and its many interesting and beneficial events.

4. Treasury update

SHOM treasurer Hala presents the account balances. She once again reminds the members to pay their membership fee and announces that -due to the devaluation of the Turkish Lira- the membership fee will be higher.

5. Update from the SHOM Charity Group

Celestina informes about the latest sales figures of the charity calendar and thanks once again to everyone who bought one or even more examples. The whole proceeds go to the Otizm Foundation in Ankara, an organization for people with autism.

The Charity Group organized a visit to the Otizm Foundation where we could see the facilities and buy specific handycrafted items, such as wooden boxes and chocolate. The latter might be an ideal gift on SHOM events and for our members on their own events.

After Celestina welcomes Mr Aydin Cayan, director of the Otizm Foundation. Mr Cayan adresses the SHOM members and guests and wholeheartedly thanks for our support and the possibility to raise awareness. He will be happy to get into discussions and answering any questions after the meeting.

After the official SHOM part our hostess Teuta warmly invites us to the buffet with Albanian dishes. Thank you very much, dear Teuta, for welcoming us at your place and for your hospitality and kindness!

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