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JUN/20, Coffee Morning - ONLINE

Updated: Sep 27, 2020


It was such a pleasure to see so many of you participating to this online event!

We started the meeting with some great music thanks to a beautiful live performance from Paraguay, given to us by Adriana Valdez y Nelson Amarilla (our SHOM President's daughter and her husband).

Celestina welcomed us warmly with the following speech:

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
On behalf of the SHOM family, welcome to this online Coffee Morning! It is a great pleasure to see you here this morning.

I also want to welcome the President of DMEDD, Mrs. Inci Botsali, my good friend and an admirable lady, who is always there when someone needs it. Each year our collaboration with her and all the members of DMEDD is becoming closer and better . 
Thank you Inci for that.
We are living difficult times everywhere in the world with this Covid-19 pandemic.  We had to change many things in our lives, even the way we do our SHOM Coffee Morning. 
That now is on line, but we all didn't stop working and thinking how to continue our activities and we did very well.
Today is my last Coffee Corning as SHOM President. I want to thank again the people who collaborated with me, all the SHOM board members, members  and DMEDD that helped me a lot.
Don't forget, SHOM Ankara is composed of peaceful people and we are here to do good around us.
Before I finish I want to share this experience with you.
When I was a child, I went to a religious school where they taught me to greet and say goodbye to people with "PEACE AND GOOD WILL" . 
That is for me a wonderful motto ,and this is why today I want to say to you: THANK YOU AND PEACE AND GOOD WILL,  PAZ Y BIEN TO ALL OF YOU
May God bless you and your country
Celestina Diaz


Celestina then informed theSHOM members about the changes voted during the last Board meeting.

The nomination process within the Board has been clarified as follow:

Both President and Vice-President (Presidency) having a representative role, the Board voted the Vice-President shall be nominated also on a yearly rotational scheme.

To have a fairer regional distribution at that level, the Vice-President shall come from the next Regional Group in line to become President.

The nomination to the administrative positions (General Secretary and Treasurers) doesn’t need to follow a yearly rotation.

It is recommendable to have regional diversification in these functions but not necessary. Due to the nature of the tasks at those posts, the same person can be reelected for another period.


Before naming the Board participants for 2020-2021, Celestina expressed her gratitude to the departing members for their work and involvement.

It was then time for Kees to express his gratitude for his nomination and the support of the Board. He is looking forward to working on collaborative basis and is counting on everyone. In these COVID times, we need to develop new ways and any creatives ideas are welcomed.


Unfortunately there is a huge turnover this year and we must bid farewell to a lot of friends.

A few of them attended the online Coffee morning and were able to say goodbye directly.There were very emotional moments.

Some others sent a video we were able to view during the event.

DMEDD joined us at this moment: Inci Botsali (Chairperson) and Fazilet Ersoy (General Secretary).

Inci thanked SHOM Ankara and particularly the departing members for their participation to the DMEDD Bazaar and activities but foremost for their friendship .

She wishes the collaboration between DMEDD and SHOM Ankara will continue to thrive.


Here is a retrospective video of our events and activities.

Alicia Santana and Tetiana Sybiha received heartfelt thanks for their invaluable contributions during the lockdown period. Their online cooking classes were the weekly highlight for some members.

Project SHOM Cookery Book

Tetiana, the SHOM Cooking Club coordinator presented her SHOM Cookery Book project to the members.

All the recipes from the last two year Cooking classes will be compiled with pictures and published on SHOM website. For those, who weren't able to organise a cooking event, this is an opportunity to contribute nevertheless to the book.

Dear SHOM Members,

Let me invite you to make your personal contribution to  SHOM Cookery Book, which is under development. 
The idea of the project arose long ago but our new reality has fostered it to come to live now.  It’s meant to become a handy source of culinary inspiration and the aim is to compile recipes from around the world  provided by our dear SHOM members.

If you’d like to participate in this project please let me know. It’s very simple. All you need is to send me by email: ( 

• a recipe/ recipes of your favorite national cuisine dish (from the country you represent) 
• a photo/photos of the dish (preferably cooked by yourself).


SHOM Board agreed to support the following project:


SHOM Ankara had this year 65 memberships paid.

Here is the amount at disposal in the cashbox.

The payment of 6'000 TRY for the bursaries as well as the reimbursements of few expenses have not been yet done.

A positive balance of about 15'000 TRY is expected to be transferred to the next SHOM year.


The meeting was then broke into smaller room which enables talks between members.

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