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FEB21 Coffee Morning, ONLINE


Kees launched the online event with warm welcoming words. The COVID-19 situation unfortunately still doesn't us allow us to organise our usual physical monthly gatherings, but SHOM Ankara does its best to continue offering events and activities to the members.

He hopes that thanks to the vaccine and sanitary measures we might be able to meet face to face very soon.

As usual, the meeting started with some SHOM news.


Since December, we had to bid farewell to the following friends.

Some of them, send us few words to share with all of you.

At the same time, we had the pleasure to welcome the following persons to our SHOM Ankara community.

During our online Coffee Morning we were very happy to meet Anita and Mirella.

The membership fee (200 TL) can be paid to the Treasurers (See address below) (or to your regional coordinator. Don't forget to put your name and country/ international organisations you represent on the envelop. A recipe will then be sent to you. Mrs Larysa RYBAK, Embassy of Belarus, Abidin Daver sok., 17, Çankaya


We are very happy to announce that Associate Professor Yigit H. Erbit will give SHOM Ankara the following lecture "The Hittites and their Cult practices: Water cult in the Hittite Belief System" beginning of April. The event invitation will follow soon.

Don't hesitate to follow the following active SHOM Groups:

  • The SHOM Cooking Club did not offer online classes in February, but is publishing recipes regularly (see the Group Activities page)

  • The SHOM Bookclub will meet again online on Wednesday 3 March. Consult the group to get the link to the event.

  • The SHOM Yoga Group will start a new yoga routine on Tuesday 2 March. An excellent opportunity to join us.

  • The SHOM Walking Group will start again in March after several participants express their desire to meet and walk with other members in a park.


The Coffee Morning participants were then separated into chat rooms of 3 persons for several rounds of 10 minutes. It allowed everyone to meet all the others and ease the discussions.

This chat rooms approach has been very much appreciated.

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