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Dec 3rd - Exclusive music rehearsal at CSO

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

On 3 December Kees and "Music Life around us" organized an exclusive musical program for SHOM members and friends. We had the chance to attend the main rehearsal of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra under conductor Theodore Kuchar and the amatzingly talented pianist Emre Elivar.

The three pieces been played and reheared were: B. Smetana Moldau Overture / F. Liszt Piano Concert No. 1 and A. Dvorak Symphony No. 6

After a phantastic and interesting concert we ate lunch together with the conductor, his wife and the pianist. It was an unique opportunity to look behind the scenes and to chat with the artists.

There was a limited number of attendees, unfortunately many people canceled on short notice, which mad the small group even more exclusive.

We do hope to get such amaing opportunities soon again and thank Kees and Zeynep & Zeynep from "Music Life around us" for organizing such a great program!

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