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Dec 08, Coffee Morning - Mexico

The last SHOM gathering this year was held in the residence of the Mexican Spouse. It was an opportunity to welcome new friends in the SHOM community, to say goodbye to good friends and to celebrate the coming end of year.

  1. Opening

Sarah welcomes the many guests for this last CM this year. After she thanks Mediha for hosting this meeting in her residence.

2. Members News

We are very happy to welcome the following spouses in our group:

  • Yasmina Mimouni from Algeria

  • Sayyda Yacoub Mohamad from Tanzania

  • Gangbold Uyanga from Mongolia

  • Damiana Perera Calzadilla from Cuba (not new, but first SHOM event)

But we also have to say goodbye to SHOM members who are leaving Turkey.

  • Pauline Mulumba from the Democratic Republic from Congo

  • Elizabeth Fritschle from the USA

Pauline has been posted for over 10 years here in Turkey and was also serving as president of SHOM Ankara. Elizabeth was formerly covering the post of regional coordinator of the Americas.

Thank you both for all your doing, your work and of course your friendship! Bye bye and all the best for your future!

3. Updates from the Charity Group

Celestina and Anita report from the last achievements in the SHOM Carity Group:

With our financial help 5 medical students at Gezi University could be supported. A visit at the dean of the Gezi University took place.

In response of the severe fires in the Antalya region SHOM Charity Group was collecting clothes and then brought them directly to the people in need. Our donation was brought to the little village of Gündogmus where the representatives of the Charity Group had the chance to talk to the village responisbles and of course to the villagers themselves. Check here for the article about the clothes donation.

Thank you everyone for your donated clothes and of course to the Charity Group, who organized the project!

5. Programs and Activity Groups

SG Selina informes that the SHOM Board is again looking for a Programm Manager. There were some members who are interested in taking over the job and an initial meeting already took place this week. Selina encourages anybody who is interested to get in touch with her.

Furthermore Selina asks if there are new ideas for Group Activities. She mentiones the very successful cooking class and mentiones that there is big interest to continue the engagement. Only thing missing is a responsible who takes the lead.

6. Website

SG Selina promotes once again the SHOM website. Especially the new arrived spouses should register to get an overview of our doing and activities. The Directory is a valuable compilation of our contact details - please keep them for yourself and don't pass them on to any third pary.

7. Treasury

Our treasurer Larysa presents the financial report.

8. Next Coffee Mornings

We are still looking for volunteers to host the upcoming Coffee Mornings in January and February. Not only spouses with big embassies/residences are welcome to host a CM but anyone.

Please get in contact with Sarah or with anyone within the Board if you need some more information or if you are interested to host a CM.

After the official part the hostess Mediha opens the cozy part of the Coffee Morning. The ladies from the latin american countries contributed to a rich and tasty buffet, a lot of traditional (Christmas) dishes from so many places.

Thank you very much for hosting this meeting, Mediha!

SHOM wishes you all a peaceful festive season and a wonderful change of year! We see each other again in the new year!

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