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Charity project: Support of 5 medical students

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Thanks to SHOM Charity program, 5 students from Gazi medical school will be able to finish their last year of studies.

Last SHOM-year SHOM Board had decided to partner with DMEDD to support medical staff affected by Covid-19. Therefore the amount of 10.000 TL was spoken from the Board. The new Charity group met in autumn with the new Secretary General of DEMEDD, Simay Gümrükçü, to discuss how to use this fund. During the summer holiday the mentioned progam was already successfully done by DMEDD and was closed. Because of this it was agreed that medical students were also affected and support was needed for them, so the financial support transfered to this program.

Gazi Faculty of Medicine is one of the most prestigious of Turkey. Each year, only a very limited number of students succeed at the entry exams. They come from all over the country, and some of them could not afford to study in Ankara if they didn’t have financial aid.

The general studies last 6 years. Then students can start a specialisation. The students in their 5th year were badly affected by Covid-19 because they received less means of income. SHOM Charity group decided to support this group of students, so that they can finish their studies.

On 16 November, SHOM President, the Charity group and DMEDD met with the Dean of Gazi Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Mustafa Necmi Ilhan, to officially deliver the financial aid.

Prof. Mustafa Necmi Ilhan is a well-known personality in Turkey. He is a member of the country Coronavirus Science Board and appears regularly in the media.

He was accompanied by a large delegation of professors, who all wanted to expressed their deep gratitude for our contribution. And officially mark the event by giving us a souvenir, a glass plaque with SHOM and Gazi Faculty of Medecine logo.

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