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May 14, SHOM Spring Tea - Dominican Republic

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Finally, after a two year break due to the pandemic, we were again able to celebrate a highlight in the SHOM year and come together for the traditional SHOM Spring Tea.

On a beautiful sunny day in May, Hala could welcome the guests in the garden of the residence of the Dominican Republic. As it was a special event not to be missed we could count a high number of participants and we were very happy to welcome a big delegtion from our friends of DMEDD. All guests were asked to come in a 'colourful spring attire' so we could admire a beautiful picture of summer dresses, hats and accessoires in all possible colours; what a feast for the eyes.

After a lifely first 'hello' and mingling, SHOM president Sarah welcomed the numerous SHOM members and guests. As it was a friendly gathering and main reason for this meeting was to spend quality time together, there was no official part and announcement from the SHOM Board. On this occasion we were delighted to welcome two members who were present on a event for the first time: Mrs Cheryl Flake (USA) and Mrs Damiana Perera (Cuba). A warm-hearded welcome to SHOM Ankara!

DMEDD president Simay Gümrükçü addressed the guests in the name of our partner DMEDD and talked about the common programs of DMEDD and SHOM and how important and valuable this partnership is. We thank DMEDD for all their precious doings, their programs, help and last but not least good friendship.

Following the speeches our hostess Hala opened the rich buttet, prepared by her and her dear mother - thank you so much! Accompanied by a wonderful jazz band all members enjoyed the reawoken Spring Tea very much! Happy faces, laughter and vivid discussions everywhere you watched - the Spring Tea 2022 was a full success!

Thank you very much dear Hala for offering your residence and orzanizing such a memorable event!

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