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SHOM Walking Club

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Apparently there are some constructions going on at the lake Eymir and one half is not accessible. Therefore we slightly change our plan for Wednesday, 20 October:

There will be no short walk, we will meet as agreed at 10h30 at the Café (Delta Macera Sports & Café) and walk then half way up the lake and half way down, back the same way.

Kees van Lent
Mandana Askarinasab
Hwa Kyung Sah
Karin Herrstrom
Karin Herrstrom
18 oct. 2021

Dear Shomies, I am happy to join the walking group! May I ask if anyone is happy to give me a ride, please?

Thanks a lot



We all know the benefits of brisk walking on our health. As...
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