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We all walked the 10.5 k and enjoyed a lunch at Eymir Bagevi. It was a very nice excursion!

Here are some info about the lake as well as some pictures.

Lake Eymir, a small lake within the borders of the capital, is located within the territory of METU (Middle East Technical University). ODTÜ Sports Club Rowing Team is also training at the show. Having a wonderful natural beauty with its unique fauna and flora, Eymir Lake offers a different view of the doner and its visitors in the winter season.

The average depth of Eymir Lake is 3.80 meters, the length of the lake is 4, and the width is 0.25 km. The most common bird species around the lake are; Hippopotamus, green headed duck, elmabai patties and spring species.

Lake Eymir is not only very popular, but is also home to a variety of activities such as rowing and water sports, fishing and picnics. As we mentioned above, ODTÜ Sports Club Rowing Team is hosting the training of the team, and at the same time, there are also rowing courses for those who come from outside.

Brief History

In the travel notes written in the 1930s, it is said that the lake’s surroundings consist entirely of arid terrain and that there is no indication of life on behalf of the green.

In the 1960s, with the special efforts of the METU Rector Kemal Kurdaş, the surrounding landscape and the lake’s surroundings were afforested and the center of the steppe became a green area.

Zohal Hashemi
Zohal Hashemi
Zohal Hashemi

I am sure you had fun. I was there in Eymir Lake with a friend yesterday. We did 5 miles cycling and the lunch was so good! Hope to join you guys next time 😊



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