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DATE: Tuesday 12 October

HOUR: 14:50



I think we will need a drink afterwards 😄

Husna Hassen
30 sept 2021

Yeah definitively

Me gusta

Anita Robert
29 sept 2021

We will start our first film projection with the very much waited for new James Bond movie! Postponed 3 times because of the pandemic, it was officially launched in London on 28 Sept. UK critics largely agreed that the film – supposedly Daniel Craig’s final outing as Bond – had delivered in spades, with the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Times all giving the film five-star raves. The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw called it an “epic barnstormer … delivering pathos, action, drama, camp comedy (Bond will call M ‘darling’ in moments of tetchiness), heartbreak, macabre horror, and outrageously silly old-fashioned action”. The Telegraph’s Robbie Collin said the film was an “extravagantly satisfying, bulgingly proportioned last chapter to the Craig era, which throws almost everything there is left to throw at 007 the series can come up with”, while in the Times, Kevin Maher proclaimed: “It’s better than good. It’s magnificent.”

Me gusta


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