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Here are some pictures from the Online class with Ebru and some of her tricks and tips:

  • Even though it is said not to salt the meat before cooking, I salt the meat. It gives much more taste to the meat.

  • The more onions you put into the dish, the more flavour it will give

  • In Turkey, there are 2 types of onions (white: only for salad. Sweeter and juicy - pink: sour taste, ideal for cooking meat)

  • Sumac (can be replaced by lemon juice)

  • Do not cook the meat with the lemon juice as otherwise the dish will get a too strong sour/acid taste Add it at the end (5 minutes before serving)

  • Mardin’s cooking: Meat, boulgour, spicy and sour (the dominant taste of the cooking of this region). Our cuisine is integrating a lot of fruits.

  • In Mardin all are cooking the same dishes: what makes the difference is the way the meat is cooked and the quality of the ingredients used.

The biggest success for Ebru: 20 years ago, when she arrived in the region, the women from the region couldn’t go out without the permission of their husband. Now they are cooking and dancing every night at her restaurant, celebrating the food they all prepared together! Women’s liberation: her biggest success.

She created two years ago a women cooperative: collecting natural agricultural products from the surrounding of Mardin and preparing/transforming them for selling them through social media (e-trade website).

Instagram: semim_soap / semim_sabun projet with Syrian refugees

Ebru: +90 507 738 7542

And here are the results!

Tanya Sybiha


You will have unique opportunities to learn about the culina...
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