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News from the Green Group:

On a sunny, but chilly day in November, we launched the Green Group in the garden of the Swedish Residence. I was happy to have this opportunity to show and tell our friends from SHOM about the Bokashi method. Bokashi is a Japanese fermentation process where you can transform all your food waste into high quality soil. The bokashi works as a Carbon sink and you are really reducing the emissions of Green House Gases, comparing to a normal compost. The interest was huge and we were working practically while mixing, digging, smelling and asking questions.

Our second meeting took place at the Luxembourg Embassy where we listen to a talk by Mr Nuri Ozbagdatli from UNDP. He explained in a very clear way how the global climate crisis is linked with social, environmental and economic systems. The climate crisis is global, but it effects human beings, animals and the environment in a very unequal way. We learned about the results coming out from COP 26 and how urgent it is to take action now.

We cannot wait. That's actually

why we created the Green Group.

The Green Group is dependent on its members and their ideas, knowledge and support. We are already 35 members!

We are planning a lot of activities, meetings and visits during the year. If you are interested, you are welcome to join our WhatsApp group called Green Group. Please contact me: Karin Herrström


As global objectives, we from the Green Group would like to ...
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